The Ring 3D on the way


If you don’t fancy a terrifying little girl crawling out of your cinema screen, then this one is probably not for you.

Five years after the release of The Ring 2 comes the news that a second sequel is in the pipeline, and surprise surprise, it will be filmed in 3D.

No stars or director are attached as yet, but a script is thought to be on the way from David Loucka, the man behind upcoming Daniel Craig flick Dream House .

Whilst the last film appeared to have closed the door on any potential Ring sequels, Paramount will be turning to that magic word “reinvention” for a handy loophole.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the film will be more “teen-centric” than before, which would suggest that it might be a prequel, as most of today’s teens wouldn’t know a VHS from a toaster.

We’re just hoping that “teen-centric” doesn’t mean “daft slasher”, as then you’ve pretty much lost all semblance of why the original Japanese film was so scary.

That said, the idea of the series’ signature set-piece done in skin-crawlingly in-your-face 3D, does make us a bit giddy…This one could go either way.

Can the words “sequel” and “3D” ever be good news? Let us know.

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