The gangs of The Warriors

By now, you might know the story of The Warriors: framed for the murder of New York's most visionary gang boss, a red-vested group of hoods has to tear ass from the Bronx to Coney Island before every gang in the city kicks their teeth in. The thing is, this is back in 1979, when New York was an oppressive cesspit of crime and young toughs could wear matching makeup and costumes and still be badasses. So while the gangs lined up to murder the Warriors are formidable, brutal and deadly, they're also a lot of fun to look at.

The film-to-game adaptation of The Warriors recreated their weirdo spirit meticulously, and you might already have gone toe-to-toe with a few of these colorful thugs yourself if you checked it out. But how well do you know them, really? In preparation for the game's arrival on PSP, publisher Rockstar has given us an in-depth look at some of The Warriors' heavier sets, along with a quick video of a few of them in motion - hit the Movies tab above and look for "The Warriors - The gangs - 02/07/07" to see it. Then read on and get ready to meet the so-called Armies of the Night.

Above: Yes, that guy's tough even though he wears that hat. And no, you can't steal it from him

The Destroyers

The Destroyers are the original Coney Island gang, led by a backstabbing drunk named Virgil. The Destroyers are a heavy set and they put up some stiff competition for their Coney Island turf. They're easily recognizable in their jean jackets, emblazoned with their logo on the back and eerily similar to the Warriors' trademark vests - and with good reason, as key members of the Warriors used to be members of the Destroyers.  Old grudges and neighboring turfs make the Destroyers a rival to the Warriors in Coney. If Cleon and the rest of the Warriors have any chance of taking their gang all-city, they'll need to deal with the Destroyers first.


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