The 10 best FREE shoot 'em ups

Gaming is an expensive hobby. After all the money you’ve spent on games, consoles and peripherals, isn’t it about time you got something for nothing? Of course it is. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best FREE shoot ‘em ups we could find.

You won’t see any awful half-assed crapware here - just links to the most addictive, creative, and FREE SHMUPs. Between all the great retro-friendly titles, original works, and unusual oddities, you’ll be sure to find enough great games to keep you busy until your next pay check. Do yourself - and your wallet - a favor by downloading and playing these great games now.

TUMIKI Fighters
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Kenta Cho is famous for creating some of the best freeware shoot ‘em ups out there. In TUMIKI Fighters, you collect broken parts from fallen enemies. As more pieces stick to your ship, you’ll receive additional points and some extra firepower. But if you take a hit, you’ll lose all the precious parts you collected. The bonuses that come with building a fatter ship - and keeping all your extra parts - give TUMIKI Fighters an addictive greed factor that’ll keep you hooked.

Above: The colorful look and building-block feature makes TUMUKI Fighters the Katamari Damacy of shoot ‘em ups

Above: Piloting your bloated ship makes it difficult to avoid enemy fire. But if you can temporally shrink down your ship’s size to dodge death in tight situations

Below: TUMIKI Fighters is one of those games you have to see in motion. Check out this video and then click here to start playing it now

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If you let too many enemies pass you by in this mech shooter, your mother ship will be destroyed. Because of this, Cloudphobia adds an extra element of tension by forcing you to focus on keeping the swarms of enemies at bay in addition to just staying alive. Cloudphobia’s visuals are simply gorgeous. Hit the link above to download this awesome shoot ‘em up. You can’t go wrong.

Above: Cloudphobia looks great and you can get it now for FREE-fifty by hitting the link above

Above: Your mother ships health bar sits right below yours and keeping swarms of enemy ships at bay will push your twitchy shooter skills to the limit

Below: See Cloudphobia in action and click here to get it for yourself