TalkRadar 27 it's a g-g-girl!

Two new faces join this week's discussion of 2008's biggest games, and one of them's not a dude!

This is it folks, the massive barrage of new games that%26rsquo;s threatened us for months while we patiently twiddled our stupid thumbs over the entire summer. Why can%26rsquo;t they release this crap steadily throughout the year (and don%26rsquo;t say %26ldquo;Christmas%26rdquo;)?

Anywho, we%26rsquo;re talking up the many, many new games this week, including Call of Duty, Mirror%26rsquo;s Edge and Banjo Kazooie, plus the Top 7 and a boatload of community goodness. T-Dar 27 also welcomes two new co-hosts this week, Lizzie Cuevas and Henry Gilbert, who%26rsquo;s technically not new, as he made a brief cameo waaaay back in number seven. He talked about shovinga nuke up Superman%26rsquo;s ass.

Explicit Content Within! Persons with delicate ears should definitely not listen, as they will hear edgy no-no words freely spoken on South Park and HBO.

11-14-08 | Length - 1:54:00 | Opening song byAnamanaguchi

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Top 7%26hellip; worst release dates EVER%26ndash; not including the one that got you in trouble with a certain young woman%26rsquo;s parents

Call of Duty: World at War Death Card guide%26ndash; Holy crap, did Chris just play a game for work?

Mirror%26rsquo;s Edge Runner%26rsquo;s Bag guide%26ndash; spoiler: they%26rsquo;re all in the bag hutch. No shit

Rev Run plays Wii Music%26ndash; what, was your golden yacht payment due?

Question 11: What difficulty setting do you start out with?


Quote of the week:
%26ldquo;I play Animal Crossing on Hard, Mother F***er!%26rdquo;

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Above: A far-too-professorial Chris poses dramatically for the camera while wearing A Li%26rsquo;l Bow Wow shirt

Above: The Office%26rsquo;s Jan Levinson appears on GamesRadar%26rsquo;s distant sister mag Pregnancy, as modeled by GamesRadar%26rsquo;s Lizzie Cuevas

Above: A courageous Shane Patterson sidles up to Jade Raymond on the Prince of Persia dance floor

Above: Our 360 became one with the Force

Nov 14, 2008

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