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The Top 7… things you didn't realise the PS2 did first
Vertical console stands are visionary, right?


Fallout: New Vegas REVIEW
Despite all the radioactive bugs, wandering the wasteland is still great


Vanquish REVIEW
Gears of War meets superfast, high-octane robo-ferocity


An excellent alternative, but it's not a clear-cut victory over UFC


Super Meat Boy REVIEW
The hardest game you'll ever love


What was your first Mario game?
Didn’t you hear? In the wake of our exhaustive 10 years of PS2 celebration we nearly forgot the NES and Super Mario Bros. turned 25 years old this week, too… Whoops? We honestly can’t fathom there are any of you reading these wordz who haven’t encountered the fat little Italian with the invincible head at some point by now, so we want to know what Mario game broke your cherry, and when. Do not be ashamed to say Mario Party – we’re well aware of our age differences. Let us know in the forums and we might read your answer LIVE on TalkRadar 125!

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In the office

Above: GamesRadar embarked on a company retreat this week, leaving little time to record a podcast proper. Please keep bitching to a minimum 

Above: We got ourselves Kinected

Above: Finally got our hands on DefJam Rapstar and the science was adequately tight. Click here to read Cheryll's definitive review, yo 

Above: This magical image is actually the result of a clumsy accident Elston managed to turn into comedy. You're welcome, Universe!

In the community

Above: A wonderful little reference that also perfectly encapsulates TalkRadar 122. Thanks to ProfessorBonk

Above: An amazing job by flabbslapper brings the you the closest thing you'll probably ever get to a video edition of TalkRadar! It's sort of amazing to watch last week's Daxter/Doogie Howser clips in perfect sync with the original video - Bravo, flab! 

Above: batman5273 turns Brett's Twitter encounter with an unnecessarily reflective bathroom stall into Kinect gold!

Above: An amazing illustration of last week's "Letter from theFfrontlines of Civ V" sketch by 510BrotherPanda

Above: EKUgestalt brings Mikel's impression of a "Game Party" executive to life

Above: Shane Patterson and his waterhose. Both gone, but not forgotten thanks to batman5273

Above: The Muppet Party Cruise references just don't stop thanks to JohnnyAppleSperm

Above: The Muppet Party Cruise references just don't stop thanks to TheUserFormerlyknownasPrince

Above: FINALLY! At least one other TDar host smells like something!

Above: No idea what enlargedhousecats is referencing but... *giggle*

Above: graboids combines two TDar staples into one clean joke!

Above: Grape Job, iJizzLots!

Above: This is canon!

Above: GrrSnort visualizes his game crush from last week's Question of the Week

Above: As does juicenpancakes... just precious!

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