Superman Returns returns

Some of Superman's most powerful enemies will be on hand for this new game, along with a few that EA just made up. We got to witness the unbridled might of Mongul, a little-known enemy of Superman, who is commonly included in the short list of his baddest foes by most hardcore comic geeks. The bulk of Mongul's attacks came in the form of classic hand-to-hand tactics, but if you make him angry enough, he just might call down a deadly meteor shower that devastates both Superman and his beloved Metropolis.

The mysterious 5th dimensional imp, Mister Mxyztplk (originally pronounced mux-ITZ-pulk, if you ask Wikipedia ) makes an appearance, but rather than hassle Krypton's number one son, he serves as a hub for minigame access. One of these minigames morphs you into Superman's nega-ego Bizarro, who is the complete antithesis of everything Superman is right down to his costume. When you take on the form of Bizarro your goals become their opposites as well, so rather than save Metropolis from ultimate destruction, you're charged with annihilating as much of it as possible in a limited time.

The ratio of movie to comic content stands at about a 50/50 split, because there really isn't any way to stretch a two-hour movie into a multi-hour game and still keep it interesting. Still, even with DC's colossal archive of menacing meanies, EA has created some of their own bad dudes for Superman to battle. Included among these are Riot and Over Cast, two new additions to the Superman universe.

Officially scheduled for release on November 20, we anticipate that Superman Returns will be a solid entry into the pantheon of recently popular comic book based games in the free-roaming spirit of both Spider-Man 2: The Game and Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.