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  • Various Cheats

    type these codes at play game after every code press enter
    worker928 = you can buy workers at any time
    weapons563 = you can buy all weapons for your gangsters
    tenants872 = unlimited tenants
    loans458 = unlimited loans
    estates216 = you can buy estates at any time
    maps029 = get all maps
    houses462 = get all houses
    gadgets215 = get all gedgets
    upgrade934 = you can upgrade at any time
    build830 = you don't need to build any thing
    pickup036 = Pick up enemy beacons, barrels, etc...
    Submitted by Sander
  • Various Cheats

    Go to menu where you choose a level, then press Enter and fill in one of the cheats below and press Enter again. Then in the game press C.

    worker928 in the main menu you can buy a worker
    weapens563 your gangster has all weapens
    loans458 infinitive loans on he bank
    estates216 you can buy all land
    houses462 you can buy all houses
    build830 the house you bought will appear immediately
    gadgets215 have all gadgets
    upgrade934 you can upgrade immediately
    maps029 have all maps
    tenants872 have infinitive tenants
    pickup036 you can pickup enemy houses
    Submitted by abyor

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