Street Fighter X Tekken teaser trailers hint at roster additions

While plenty of the Street Fighter X Tekken cast members are no-brainers – you'd hardly put “Street Fighter” or “Tekken” in a title then not include Ryu, Guile, Yoshimitsu or one of that dastardly Mishima clan – some of the second-tier inclusions are less of a known quantity. A title like this is duty-bound to include a few characters on the basis of fan-service, and the best audience for teasing such additions is one made up of the fighting-game cognoscenti – so when the EVO tournament in Las Vegas was the location for revealing some ambiguous new footage, there wasn't too much confusion as to which Tekken fan-favorite would be making it into the crossover. Capcom's latest addition, however, is a little more mysterious.

Unless SFXT is your entry into the Tekken series – in which case, boy do you have a learning curve ahead of you – the ursine subject of this clip shouldn't be too much of a head-scratcher. Can you bear to keep it a secret any longer? Oh, hell with it, we're all grown-ups here, Kuma the Bear is in Street Fighter X Tekken.

This one's a bit more mysterious. Some of the shots almost look like our boy Dan Hibiki... but with producer Yoshinori Ono having confirmed the pink-clad dolt's exclusion from the title, most likely it's SF3 ninja Ibuki. Do these teasers have your interest piqued?

Aug 1, 2011