Story time with Shyamalan

After the mixed reaction to The Village, M Night Shyamalan has retreated back into the veil of secrecy he always maintains while shooting his films. But now we finally get our first glimpse at his next release: the mermaid-themed Lady In The Water.

According to the teaser site, Lady is based on a story that Shyamalan used to tell his own children. We’re introduced to apartment building superintendent Cleveland Heep (played with typical mopey finesse by Sideways star Paul Giamatti), who discovers a mystical narf – no, that’s not a typo – in the pool. The creature, a fairytale sea nymph played by The Village’s Bryce Dallas Howard, is trapped in our world, and trying to return to the fable from which she arrived. Heep gathers the building’s tenants to help her in her quest – and protect her from the evil creatures trying to stop her. Let’s hope they’re not the aliens from Signs, because we know how that lot respond to water…

Just don’t expect to see an awful lot – this is the very definition of a teaser. There’s only one line of dialogue and no actual sighting of Howard’s mystical “narf”. Still, it certainly wets, sorry, whets the appetite. We kill ourselves…

Click here to go and see for yourself.

Source: ( Apple )


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