Star Wars Battlefront 2 pre-order bonuses include The Last Jedi costumes and ships

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 will release November this year, so a month ahead of Star Wars The Last Jedi. However that won't stop it including the film in some way. 

At this year's Star Wars Celebration executive producer Matt Webster revealed Battlefront 2 would be receiving some extra The Last Jedi goodness via pre-orders. (The new game will finally include all eras of Star Wars from the original films, the prequels, new movies, the Clone Wars and more.)

"We’re a little bit ahead of the film in terms of our release," he pointed out before continuing, "what I can say is we have a terrific pre-order offer around The Last Jedi heroes, where players are going to get access to The Last Jedi costumes for Rey and for Kylo, as well as a First Order Star fighter." It wasn't immediately clear if that was a special ship, or just a skin. I'm going to guess the latter. 

The official pre-order page does say these new looks are 'inspired' by the films but a brief image of Ren at the event suggested a new cape and several film leaks suggest he's sporting a much more Vader-like cloak for The Last Jedi. 

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