Space Game Boy up for grabs in historic auction

Bet you think that your vintage, autographed Game Boy is pretty cool, eh? Sorry hotshot, but unless it's orbited the earth nearly 3,000 times, it just can't compete in the arena of awesome with this soon-to-be auctioned Game Boy that spent 196 days aboard the Mir space station.

The well-traveled handheld is being auctioned off as part of The Space History Sale run by Bonhams. It includes the system itself plus a Tetris cartridge and instruction book; all of which accompanied cosmonaut Aleksandr A. Serebrov during his shift on the Mir back in 1993.

Serebrov consigned the Game Boy to auction with an autographed note, stating, "Like all cosmonauts, I love sport. My particular favorites are football and swimming. During flight, in rare minutes of leisure, I enjoyed playing Game Boy."

The lot is expected to fetch anywhere from $1500 to $2000. Online bidding begins tomorrow at the Bonham's site.

[Source: Bonhams via Kotaku]

May 4, 2011