The Sims 3 World Adventures Guide: Champs Les Sims

The Search Begins

Jean Luc Beaumont is researching the history of nectar and wants you to interview Albert Fouchier. Find Albert on your map, get friendly with him, and interview him. Then report back to Jean Luc. He’ll give you a key to the library at Chateau Landgraab, so go there next.

Chateau du Landgraab

Enter the mansion through the back door; if you haven’t been here yet, you’ll have to disable the traps in front of it. You’ll see the glowing keyhole in the foyer, but first you’ll have to get around some traps. The trap by the wide stairs can’t be disabled, but you can push and pull the statue onto it to disarm it. Use the key and enter the library. Loot both chests for some treasure and the letter you need, and report back to Jean Luc. He wants you to take the papers to Estelle Fouchier to have them translated, so go talk to her. She’ll quickly do the translating and send you back to Jean Luc. Talk to him for a nice reward and you’ll complete the quest.

Surveying the Property

Gaston Dutiel wants an adventurer to explore something strange at his house. Offer your assistance to Gaston to get started. He wants to know what’s going on with the walled area behind his house, but you’ll need to start with the basement. Be invited inside and head downstairs.

The Secret Garden

Use the keystone Gaston gave you and enter the door.

There are three statues across the room, and behind them is a torch. Move the statues out of the way and pull the torch to reveal two panels. Pull the statues onto them and the door will unlock. Enter and inspect the hole in the ground to reveal a secret room; loot the chest and tomb in the hidden room, then back out and go up the stairs. Stand on the panel to open the wall, and report your findings to Gaston to be rewarded.

Landgraab I… Kidnapper?

Jean Luc Beaumont is investigating the mysterious disappearance of Anastasia Necteaux, and he thinks Admiral Landgraab had something to do with it. Offer assistance to Jean Luc to get started. He’ll point you to the groundskeeper’s shack at Chateau du Landgraab.

Chateau du Landgraab

When you get to the mansion, ignore the main house and check out the little cottage in one corner. Though the door is locked, you can go around back and down the stairs. Grab the treasure and keystone down here, then go back up and use the keystone to get into the shack. The glowing treasure chest is right by the door; loot it to find the groundskeeper’s journal, and deliver it to Jean Luc. Next, you’ll need to talk to the groundskeeper’s daughter for the key to the journal, so find Margot Petit on your map and chat her up. Of course, she won’t help you until you give her two pieces of gold; find them on your map, collect them, and deliver them to Margot. Repeat the process with the amethyst she wants. Finally, she gives you the key, so deliver it to Jean Luc to continue.

He gives you a key to the Landgraab estate and orders to find notes on Anastasia’s disappearance, so head back to the Chateau. Go around to the side of the house and find the glowing keyhole; use the ballroom key.

When you enter the ballroom, you’ll see that the statues are arranged “as if they were dancing to music.” Turn on the stereo and four panels will appear. Push the four statues onto them to disable traps throughout the house. You can explore a little more safely now, though there are still some traps on the second floor; however, they can be manually disarmed. Go up the wide staircase in the foyer, and in the room to the right (overlooking the library), enter the archway and step on the panel. A door across the floor will unlock; go through it and step on a second panel. Finally, another door will unlock, revealing another bedroom and another panel. Step on this one, and head up the next flight of stairs (the wide staircase to the left of where you entered this floor).

The trap here should already be disabled, so enter the door near the chimney and you’ll see the glowing chest. Loot the chest to find the documents, and make your way out of the house to deliver the papers to Jean Luc to finish the adventure.