The Sims 3 World Adventures Guide: Champs Les Sims

Champs Les Sims Nectary

Not surprisingly, she sends you back down to the cellar tomb again, this time to re-examine the three holes in the wall. After placing the Ruby in the right hole, a keystone will appear on the table in the center of the room. Inspect the wall to the right, in between two statues, to find a secret door. Enter the adjoining area and use the keystone; enter the door. Your goal is now to find a special sapphire. Go down two flights of stairs and through the hallway ahead. There are two doors on the left and one on the right; enter the right-hand door and dive through the pool to open a secret room. Go in this room and push and pull the statues until you can access the chest in the center; this will take a bit of work. Grab the heart keystone and treasure from the chest, then push one of the statues onto the panel in the corner before making your way back out to the hallway.

The small door on the other side of the hall leads to a bathroom, while the wider door leads to a room full of statues. Enter the statue room and inspect the hole in the floor, which reveals two panels. Only the gold statue can be moved, so first push it onto the panel against the back wall, and a hole will appear in the wall next to it. Grab the second heart keystone from the hole, then push the gold statue onto the other panel. A foot panel will appear against the back wall; step on it. Two doors open up below.

Go back to the hallway and use both heart keystones to shut off the fire traps ahead. Clear the rubble, move one of the statues, and go through the door. You’re now in a living room area; go through the door to the right, which looks like a bedroom filled with rubble piles. Clear the rubble and loot the room. Behind one of the rubble piles is a door to a bathroom. Inspect the wall in that room, and then inspect a wall in the adjoining secret room, to find yourself in yet another hidden area. Grab the heart keystone from the ground and go back out to the living room.

Inspect a wall in the back corner of the room, near the hole in the floor (which has some treasure you can grab). Then go back out and enter the unused door in the living room. To the right is a room full of statues and a heart keystone; the trick is to get the statues out of the way to grab the key. There’s also a chest in the corner if you want to keep statue-pushing, but it’s not necessary to this adventure. Back out to the room with two statues on a narrow stretch of floor and pull one off the panel it’s on to open a door below. Go back to the adjoining small blue room and inspect the back wall for a secret door and more treasure.

Now that you’ve done a lot of exploring and treasure-hunting, go back to the hallway with the disabled fire traps. Pull forward one of the statues and place it on the panel on the floor by the bathroom. Another panel will appear, so repeat the process with the other statue. Two doors will open behind you; one on side, a room full of treasure, and on the other, full of fire traps. Loot the treasure room first and then head to the fire room. Use a heart keystone to disable the traps, and the other heart keystone to unlock the door. Enter the next area.

This room is pretty simple: there are four statues next to panels. Push them onto their respective panels to unlock the door ahead and open up a dim hallway behind you with Ancient Coins on the ground. Grab the coins and head through the unlocked door. Pull one of the statues (the only one you can move from this location) onto the panel near the door, grab the Ancient Coins, and look out for mummies (though if you have a high Athletic skill, you’ll probably be able to take them in a fight). Finally, you’ll see that elusive glowing treasure chest. Disable one of the traps on either side of you and grab the sapphire, as well as the rest of the treasure in the room. Report back to Jolene.

You are not done with the Nectary yet. Go back to the room with the three holes in the wall (where you placed the ruby) and put the sapphire in the glowing hole. Go back to Jolene. She wants you to find an antique necklace, so your next task is to ask Sims about the auction at which it was sold until you find one that knows about it. Your best bet is to try a crowded area, like a park or the marketplace, until you get your answer. You’ll be told to bring some excellent-quality nectar to Yves Bernard; if you’ve been collecting the nectar in the depths beneath the Nectary, this shouldn’t be a problem. Deliver the nectar to Yves and he’ll give you the emerald necklace you’re looking for. Report back to Jolene.

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