The Sims 3 World Adventures Guide: Champs Les Sims

Eastern Hills Cemetery

Your next stop is the Eastern Hills Cemetery, where you need to lay the curator to rest. In the back of the graveyard, there are five tiny mausoleums. First inspect the hole next to the middle one, then enter the middle building. Take the treasure from the chest here, but make sure you leave the curator’s remains. You can explore the other tombs for more treasure; the heart-shaped keystones are in the hole you inspected, and in the treasure chest in the far right tomb. Now all you need to do is explain everything to Estelle to finish off the adventure.

The New Nectar Machine

Jolene Montaque wants two pieces of titanium to improve her nectar-making process. Find them on your map and deliver them for your reward. You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you? Next she wants you to ask Yves Bernard for a Nectowhiz computer chip. Ask Yves for the chip and deliver it to Jolene for a quick and easy reward.

Nectar Research Assistance Requested

If you’ve helped out Jolene in her Nectar research, she’ll call on you again in the future. Report in to get this follow-up mission started. Though the precursor assignment was short, this is one of the longest adventures in the game, so make sure you’re stocked up!

Champs Les Sims Nectary

Jolene wants you to find a 5,000-year-old bottle of nectar in the depths underneath the Nectary, and will give you a keystone. There’s a staircase leading down in the area behind the cash register, where the nectar-making machines are; descend it. You can explore the purple dive pool behind the stairs for some nectar for your private collection, then keep walking through the archway into the darkened hallway. Read the sign on the wall to trigger a hidden door, and walk through. Grab the treasure in this room and walk through the next door. You’ll see a well-lit room with a glowing keyhole; first, inspect the wall at the end of the hallway for a secret door and more treasure. Use your keystone and go through the door.

The glowing chest in the center of the room has the nectar you want, and there are two other chests you can loot here as well. Opening the center chest will trigger two hidden doors, but before exploring any further, return to Jolene with the nectar and tell her of your discovery. She’ll ask you to explore the secret room and see what you find, so head back to the room with the three treasure chests and enter the newly revealed space.

There are three holes in the wall, but only the glowing one on the right has anything to inspect. Check out this hole and another hallway will open up behind you, and you’ll hear whispers about Pharoahs. Once again, go back to Jolene and tell her about the cellar’s secret. She tells you to discuss it with Jean Luc Beaumont, who may be able to help you figure out the mysteries of the Nectary. Jean Luc tells you to catch five Cerambyx beetles and take them to a friend… in Egpyt. You can find the bugs on your map, and then head home, wait until you can travel again, and go to Al Simhara, Egypt.

Al Simhara

When you finally make it to Al Simhara, seek assistance from Uum Moussa. Give her the beetles and she’ll direct you to Farid Kamel. Before he’ll help you, he wants two relics worth at least 200 simoleans. You can try your luck in the local pyramids, or simply buy some from the relic merchant. Give Farid the relics, and he’ll want one more—this time worth 500 simoleans. Find him his relic (or just buy it) and he’ll give you the Ruby of Sakhara. Go home, return to France, and report in to Jolene.

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