Shaun White Skateboarding revealed with rad trailer

You might know Shaun White better as a snowboarder, but it turns out he's also an accomplished skateboarder. In this first trailer for Shaun White Skateboarding we're introduced to the 'twist' that its makers hope will give this game the edge - that you literally 'shape' the skate environment as you roll and grind around it.

Early info suggests this is done by 'carving alleys into half pipes', 'morphing streets into ramps' and extending handrails into 'endless grinds': which is neatly demonstrated with some clever CG in the live action trailer. Is it just us or are game ads starting get pretty sophisticated these days?

This being a game of the 10's there's a 'social element' which means you can share your one-of-a-kind maps with other players and play in various multiplayer modes.

Shaun White's main input (aside from being man on the box) is to provide over 80 tricks including one of his own invention, known as the Armadillo. It's out in the Autumn - with more at E3 for sure.Check out first in-game screens over the page.

Below: Shaun White performing the Armadillo