Star Wars: The Last Jedi rumours hint at Luke Skywalker getting sh*t done in an epic final act

Star Wars: The Last Jedi rumours are always pretty cool. Be it a showdown involving Leia or a potentially dramatic reveal. You can multiply those rumours by a thousand, though, when you add Luke Skywalker into the mix. According to latest whispers, there’s a very real chance he’ll be all geared-up and going HAM in the movie’s final act.

MakingStarWars are reporting on rumours (which you can take as gospel, or with a grain of salt. Up to you) that the final act of The Last Jedi will be focusing on Luke ‘going for’ the mysterious Snoke.

Luke isn’t going in empty-handed, though. He’s possibly been packing some sort of mystical space compass, described as “the most beautiful piece of craftmanship… for a Star Wars film.” So it’s gotta carry some meaning.

The bearded Skywalker will also be equipped with a zapper rod (probably for those pesky pests on Aach-To) and survivalist gear - backpack and all - that would make Bear Grylls blush. He’s getting ready for something important, surely?

Even though Luke is – obviously – a central figure in the Star Wars universe, we’ve never really seen him at the peak of his powers. Could all of this gear see Luke shaping up to truly kick ass with the Force? And what has made him go from cuddly hermit to going for the head of the snake, figuratively speaking? We can’t wait to find out.

There’s even a second mouth-watering clash to potentially look forward to as the movie hurtles towards its conclusion: a rematch between Kylo Ren and Rey. With all of the training Rey will (presumably) be doing, she will surely give Kylo a little more than a goofy scar this time round.

Image: Lucasfilm

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