Seen here first: The Invisible Man

Coming soon to a cinema near you: The Unborn – Batman Begins and The Dark Knight writer David S Goyer’s shrieky, scary, nude-bummed horror flick. While watching it, look out for the 1933 version of The Invisible Man playing on a TV.

Why? Because Goyer’s writing a sequel right now. “I thought it would be fun to do a future homage to myself, putting the original Invisible Man in the background at the beginning of The Unborn.”

So it’s a sequel, not a remake? “At the very end of HG Wells’ book it mentions that the Invisible Man has kept all of his secrets in these three journals and it establishes that those journals are still out there.”

“You almost wonder if HG Wells wasn’t intending to write a sequel at some point anyway, because he clearly leaves it that this secret is out there. I just thought it would be interesting to do a direct sequel, so my movie begins in 1900 and Scotland Yard has become aware of the journals but they don’t have them in their hands.”

In Goyer’s The Invisible Man 2, the Russian secret police also become aware of the journals, paving the way for a film 1/3 Universal Horror, 1/3 Indiana Jones and 1/3 James Bond, where invisibility is a weapon all the various sides are anxious to get hold off.

“It sort of reimagines The Invisible Man in a way that Stephen Sommers did with The Mummy, in that it opens it up, much bigger in scope,” says Goyer.

Oh and finally, for anyone who likes a bit of X-Men in all their stories, Goyer also spilled the beans on X-Men Origins: Magneto, a script he’s been penning.

“They like the script but I don’t blame them for wanting to do Wolverine first. Fox is just waiting to see as they expand the X Universe. How big an appetite is out there? It is an origin story. It is about the early years of Eric and Charles and their friendship together.”

Who do you think should take on the role of The Invisible Man, played by Claude Rains in the ’33 original?


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