Pre-E3 blowout day two: PS2/PSP

The biggest game show in the world is almost here. Catch up with the best of what we know

Final Fantasy XII
The twelfth game in the increasingly ill-named Final Fantasy series has already hit Japanese stores (something we took advantage of to write ourhands-on preview), so we fully expect it to make a polished appearance on the show floor. The storyline - which appears to revolve around a thief and a widowed princess - is deep and the visuals are amazing, so we're hoping to see a high-quality localization to match. Square's generally pretty trustworthy in that department, though, so if the voice acting and English script are anything less than top-notch, we'll be surprised.

Aside from being able to understand the plot a little better, we're looking forward to getting some morehands-on time with this soon-to-be-blockbuster. The combat is a lot more active this time - something that has fiercely divided the series' fans - and we're hoping that whatever Square Enix shows off for E3 will give us a better handle on it. In particular, we're hoping to get a deeper look at how Gambits - pre-set actions that players program into each non-controllable character - work during combat. Of course, slashing big, elaborate monsters to ribbons in real-time and summoning giant creatures to fight for us should also be pretty cool.


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