Pre-E3 blowout day three: PC

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
What do we love most about World of Warcraft? Perhaps it's that the makers have somehow taken the tired and over-trodden fantasy theme and injected Azeroth with such an avalanche of creativity that it seems fresh and exciting.

Judging by the improvements and new unlocked areas that the game makers have released via patches - for free - the first actual expansion, The Burning Crusade,promises to be huge. We already know the Blood Elves will be the new playable Horde race. The Blood Elves are estranged from the Elven community due to their affinity for creepy-magic.

The new Alliance race will likely begin from their home in the Outland, but has been kept secret so far, as have any initial looks at flying mounts.

We know that we'll be getting our hands on new armor and "slotted" weapons - items that can be further upgraded by players that choose the new Jewel-crafting profession.

The Burning Crusade also allows us entry into Outland, the original home of the Orcs. We have no idea how big Outland will be. Since it's an entirely different dimension, the chance that it doubles the current play-space is strong.

These final details should shake out early in the show, and we'll lay them on you as soon as we find out.