PlayStation 3 launch date and price revealed

Of the PS3 games that were shown, the biggest name was undoubtedly Gran Turismo HD, an E3-exclusive demo put together using assets from GT4 and Tourist Trophy. So while the 10 vehicles and four tracks it features are all familiar, its next-gen sheen is undeniable.

The game runs at 1920x1080p resolution - three times as sharp as broadcast HD - and, as a display of what we can expect from the full version of Vision Gran Turismo, it doesn't fail to impress. In fact, the visuals in the new version of the Grand Canyon circuit will literally take your breath away.

As for when GT's PS3 debut will hit shelves, Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi said only that it would be "not too far from the launch of PlayStation 3".

Above: Vision GT's promise of running at 1920x1080p resolution means the game will look stunning

Further live demos of a range of PS3 games followed. The Eye of Judgment is a card battle-based endeavour which detects the use of real cards on a table top via a next-gen EyeToy, and then responds accordingly. The inimitable Sony E3 plastic duck even made a cameo appearance as an invincible boss. All very peculiar.

SingStar PS3 plays (well, sings) in exactly the same way as current-gen versions of the karaoke-fest, with the addition of a MySpace-style My SingStar online area which, scarily, allows you to upload your vocal efforts as well as downloading new tunes.