Pedro Almodóvar talks The Skin I Live In

Total Film recently went to Madrid for a chat with Spanish cinema icon Pedro Almodóvar, and he gave us the lowdown on his latest, The Skin I Live In .

The revenge thriller marks a change of pace for the auteur, who told us: “I feel like I’m in a new place in my career with this movie. When I watch it I recognise myself absolutely, but there’s something different.”

Almodóvar has adapted Skin from Thierry Jonquet’s novel Tarantula , but he's open about the loose nature of his interpretation: “As an adaptor I have to admit that I’m not really faithful to the books.

“It’s much easier for me just to come up with original ideas for my movies.”

It’s a film that has evaded easy genre classification. Almodóvar told us: “I wouldn’t say this is a horror movie because I don’t want to disappoint audiences that crave horror movies, even though it meets all the requirements of the genre.”

“I’ve always specialised in genre mixing. I wouldn’t want my audience to expect to find a horror, or a thriller, or a romance, or a melodrama, or a sci-fi movie. They are going to find a bit of everything in there, but it is not specifically one of them.”

The Skin I Live In opens on 26 August 2011.

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