No More Heroes

Hands up who remembers Killer 7? No? Well that’s probably because no one bothered to actually buy Capcom’s mentalist on-rails super-violent adventure. Still, you can rectify matters by checking this out – it’s by the same studio, and is, in some ways, a prequel of sorts.

Boasting a similar, super-stylised cel-shaded look, the game puts you in command of an assassin; a guy trying to work his way up the Hitman’s ladder to become the best killer in the whole twisted, morally-dubious world. To do this you’ll have to face off against rivals wielding a ‘Beam Katana’ – a lightsabre style weapon that you control by swinging the Wii remote through three different levels (high, middle and low). As you progress, you can buy new weapons and swords from the game’s sword mistress, as well as upgrade your skills in an RPG style.

You might not think it right now, but we reckon this will be one of 2007’s highlights and a new direction for the cute-’til-now Wii.



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