New XCOM revealed by OXM! First screen inside

Time to lay those internet rumors to rest! The June 2010 issue of Official Xbox Magazine gets the drop and reveals the look and direction for 2K Marin’s brand-new shooter, XCOM, a re-imagined take on the long-running, sci-fi X-COM series that first debuted on PCs back in 1994. The exclusive cover story takes you deep into XCOM’s first-person gameplay, backstory, and mysterious adventure elements with exclusive screenshots and details!

Also inside the upcoming June 2010 OXM, we pull the curtains back on a rather, ahem, surprising new feature in the upcoming RPG, Fable III, review Capcom’s Lost Planet 2, and more!

There will be two different versions of the June 2010 issue cover: one that is unique to subscribers, and another that is exclusive to newsstands. Both are showcased here. Subscribers, keep an eye out on your mailboxes. Issues should be arriving over the next few weeks!

Above: The unique cover that’s on its way to OXM's super special subscribers

Above: The June 2010 issue of OXM goes on sale May 4. This is the cover that will be exclusive to newsstands

Above: A shot of X-COM: UFO Defense, published by MicroProse in 1994. We're looking forward to seeing where 2K takes the series

Above: A sneak peak at the new direction for the classic sci-fi strategy game

[*Note: In the June issue, OXM refers to the development studio behind XCOM as 2K Australia. They are now known as the Canberra, Australia arm of 2K Marin.]

Apr 13, 2010

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