The 17 best upcoming TV shows of 2017

Watching every great TV show out there can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Well, not a job because it's fun and we love it... my point is, there's so much great TV, it can be hard to keep up with everything. The key to this is planning, which is why the GR+ team have come up with a list of the best upcoming TV shows of 2017 we're excited for. Some of them might turn out to be terrible, some of them might be the new Stranger Things... 

We've got everything from Marvel and DC series and Netflix's top picks, to JK Rowling's new adaptation and HBO's award-winning offerings. There's a mixture of brand new TV shows (Legion, Star Trek: Discovery) and returning seasons (Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks), and they're all in chronological order so you know which will hit your screens first. Unfortunately, we don't have set air dates for all of them, but we'll be keeping this list up to date as we head into the new year so make sure you check back for updates. And without further ado, here's the best upcoming TV shows of 2017 you should watch...

1. Sherlock season 4

Release date: January 1, 2016

Benedict Cumberbatch will be back as the enigmatic detective Sherlock Holmes in 2017 with the fourth season of BBC’s Sherlock. With season 3 ending in January 2014 - and only a Christmas special to keep us going - fans have been chomping at the bit for more of Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman’s detective duo and will be rewarded with three new episodes called The Six Thatchers, The Lying Detective, and… unknown. Despite Moriarty’s appearance in the trailer, the Sherlock team insist he is definitely dead and that Toby Jones, who will be playing Culverton Smith, will be season 4’s villain. Very little else is known about the new season, but considering the shocking end to season 3 and the chilling trailers we’ve seen so far, I think things are going to get very dark for the detective. Lauren O'Callaghan

2. Emerald City season 1

Release date: January 6, 2017

Emerald City is a gritty reimagining of The Wizard of Oz and - wait, stop rolling your eyes! Yeah, it sounds a bit tired, but taking the vibrant world of Oz and imagining how it would function with a layer of our own real-life politics and personalities applied is an interesting question. Especially since Dorothy still crushes one of Oz's most powerful figures during her arrival. Emerald City is actually based on the Land of Oz series written by L. Frank Baum rather than the 1939 adaptation, so don't expect any musical numbers. And you might not recognize familiar characters like the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion at first, either. You'll probably spot Toto without too much difficulty, though - he’s the dog. Connor Sheridan

3. A Series of Unfortunate Events season 1

Release date: January 13, 2017

Netflix is kicking off its 2017 calendar with an adaptation of the popular children’s books A Series of Unfortunate Events. Neil Patrick Harris has our attention for any project he signs on for, and this role of dastardly villain laced with goofy humor seems right up his alley. Plus, few people would look so good in the array of costumes he dons during the course of the official trailer. This is material that has already been given the movie treatment, so seeing the tale serialized into such a lavish-looking production should be interesting comparison, especially for fans of the original books. Season 1’s eight episodes all drop in January, so we won’t be waiting much longer to see how it stacks up. Anna Washenko

4. Black Sails season 4

Release date: January 29, 2017

One of the lines muttered in the official Black Sails season 4 trailer is: “The time calls for dark men to do dark things,” and while it’s true that Charles Vane (who was actually a real pirate in the 1700s and died in season 3) will be missed there’s plenty of other ‘dark’ characters to take up that mantle. Blackbeard would be the obvious choice but nearly everyone has something to prove. Anne Bonny will need to show her new crew that she’s a worthy captain (she most definitely is). Flint and Silver will be heading back to Nassau after forcing the British to retreat from nearby waters, and Eleanor… well, Eleanor isn’t likely to last much longer on the island without a huge change in her fortunes, is she? Question is: Who will send her down to Davy Jones’ locker? It better be Max. James Jarvis

5. Legion season 1

Release date: February 8, 2017

When Noah Hawley, the man behind the Fargo TV series, has a new project, you know it’s going to be interesting. Even more so when it’s basically an X-Men show. Legion is the name of Professor X’s institutionalised son who believes he’s mentally ill. He’s not, obviously, he’s potentially the most powerful mutant in the world. In comic book canon he suffers from schizophrenia, with multiple personalities all controlling a different power and, traditionally, he’s been an antihero. How the show will play that out isn’t clear yet but the casting and performances we’ve seen so far are strong - Dan Stevens gives a charismatically twitchy performance as the star. However, what’s really exciting are the brief, teasing glimpses of mutants using their powers suggesting this will be as much about action as it is character. Leon Hurley

6. Star Trek: Discovery season 1

Release date: May 2017

After six different TV series and countless movies, it seems we’re still not sick of Star Trek because a new TV show is heading our way in 2017 called Star Trek: Discovery. Season 1 is set 10 years before the original Star Trek series and in the ‘Prime’ universe, rather than the rebooted movie ‘Kelvin’ timeline. A first look was released at SDCC 2016 showing the test flight of the U.S.S. Discovery, and in a surprising twist, the main character of the show will not be the captain. The casting is being kept under wraps for now, but we do know the character will be female and referred to as “Number One” for most of the series. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’s Michelle Yeoh, Doug Jones, and Anthony Rapp will also be joining the new crew. Original slated for January, Star Trek: Discovery has been pushed back to May, but either way we’ll be heading back into space come 2017. Lauren O'Callaghan

7. Game of Thrones season 7

Release date: Summer 2017

Not sure if you’ve heard, but Game of Thrones season 7 is happening in 2017. Oh, you did hear? Then you know it’s not showing until summer at the earliest, because - ironically - winter came late to many of the season’s filming locations, which delayed production. And there’s going to be heaps of winter in this run. We know… pretty much everything about the season, thanks to a leaked script and a whole bunch of pictures snapped by fans and fan-sites. Regardless of the wealth of illicit info, though, it’s virtually guaranteed that Thrones 7 will have a whole bunch of delights and surprises for us. What happens when Dany lands in Westeros? What next for Jon and Sansa? How will the White Walkers breach the wall? And will Gendry finally land his boat? The answers are coming, and with them, the most anticipated TV of 2017. Andy Hartup

8. Stranger Things season 2

Release date: TBC 2017

If you’re seeing buzzcuts and a resurgence of massive glasses with clear frames on the street, you might be experiencing the fan fallout from Stranger Things, Netflix’s smash hit of 2016. Set a year after the events of the first season, Stranger Things season 2 will explore the ramifications of Will’s time in the Upside Down as well as the encroaching supernatural events that continue to affect Hawkins. All the original cast are going to be returning, alongside some new faces - and don’t worry, Millie Bobbie Brown is going to be present in some way or another as the telekinetic Eleven, though god knows where she could possibly be after destroying herself along with the demogorgon. Stranger Things season 2 is going to be released at some point in 2017, and until then there’s a tirade of fan theories, cosplay, and art to give you your Hawkins fix. Zoe Delahunty-Light

9. Twin Peaks season 3

Release date: TBC 2017 

I’d argue there’s no bigger TV event in 2017 than the return of Twin Peaks. One of the most pioneering and influential shows ever made, David Lynch's supernatural mystery thriller-cum-goofy soap opera parody-cum-warm character comedy-cum-deeply disturbing, rural horror story is directly responsible for everything from The X-Files, to Stranger Things, to any deliberately weird genre show you've ever loved. But it's never been bettered. Utterly unique of tone, and masterfully written, directed, and played, the series' original run was only marred by a premature end that left a lot of dangling questions. With season 3 picking up in real-time, 25 years later, there are bound to be even more, but hopefully a hell of a lot of very exciting answers as well. David Houghton

10. American Gods season 1

Release date: TBC 2017

Bouncing between HBO and other networks for the entire 21st century, it was starting to look like Neil Gaiman’s story about a war between pre and post-industrial gods was never going to get made. As it proved with Ash vs. The Evil Dead, though, Starz is all about making impossible projects a reality. Its version of American Gods looks like it’s full of the same mad ambition and spirit as Ash as well, with a killer cast stepping into the roles of old gods like Anansi (Orlando Jones) and new gods like Media (Gillian Anderson). Centering it all is Ian McShane as the cantankerous, irresistible Mr. Wednesday. Trailers for the show make it look like an incredibly faithful adaptation as well. Anthony Agnello

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