New Team Fortress 2 trailer ramps up the laughs

Aug 24, 2007

We've got another snippet of footage from Valve's much anticipated Team Fortress 2 that introduces us to our second troop class - The Soldier. Take a gander, and what's immediately apparent that Team Fortress not only has the playful aesthetic of CGI animation, it also shares a similar off-kilter brand of humour. We’re not going to ruin it for you, suffice to say it is actually rather smart and wouldn't be too far out of place on an episode of Futurama.

It's also a nice little showcase of The Soldier's abilities. When not liquefying the opposition into showers of the red stuff with his seemingly weightless bazooka - he can also use it to propel himself over buildings for Christ's sake - he's also rather bizarrely a dab hand with a shovel. And we don't mean for digging.

Truly funny games are few and far between and we'd love to see these quirky oddities and asides manifest themselves throughout TF2 in the same vein that made Lego Star Wars so endearing to watch as well as play. It would be little less than criminal if they end up relegated just to cutscenes or promotion.

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