Mortal Kombat: Armageddon

The older MK games featured a lot of flashy attacks that juggled opponents in the air, but they went away when the games went 3D. Armageddon will try to make it work in three dimensions; expect to see battles where both players hover in the air as they link a string of airborne attacks, then drive the combo home with a blow that sends their foe smashing to the ground.

In a nod to competing games like Street Fighter III and Dead or Alive 4, Armageddon will include a new parry system. With the right timing, you can block an incoming strike and immediately let loose with a string of retaliation. More intriguing is the new method for pulling off the ultra-gory Fatality finishing moves: You can string together a combo of humilations, ripping out an opponent's heart, then their skull, then their leg, and ultimately tearing them in two from the torso in an explosion of blood. Mix up the elements as you see fit; as long as you time it correctly, your opponent can't do anything but watch their demise in disgrace. It actually looks a bit silly, but given MK's hyperviolent past, it's not out of character.