Metroid: Zero Mission Cheats

Metroid: Zero Mission Hints

  • GBA | Submitted by mesogears

    Early Screw Attack


    It's very tricky to do, but you can use the Speed Booster to get Screw Attack before defeating Ridley!

    First head to the room directly below the path to Screw Attack (It's directly to the left of a save room). Locate the hidden Speed Booster blocks on the ceiling (using bombs) and remember where they are. Head one door left and position yourself as far left as you can. Make sure there are no enemies in your way, shoot open the door, aim diagonally down, equip missiles, then start running to the right. Immediately after entering the next room, you must missile the enemy on the ground while still running, then quickly shoot open the next door. Once you're in the Save Room, you should reach full speed, so crouch to store energy, then press A, then left, to dash against the hill (keep holding left to keep Samus running). Still Speed Boosting shoot the door and run into the room on the left. Crouch to store energy again, then position yourself directly below the Speed Booster blocks you located earlier. Press A, then up, to jump through the ceiling. Head 2 doors right and pick up the Screw Attack!

  • GBA | Submitted by mesogears

    Early Hi-Jump / Early Access to Ridley


    (Note: before attempting this, it is very important that you master the Wall Jump. Also, it helps to follow a map for reference.)

    After getting the Ice Beam, follow the path around until your back in Norfair's main shaft (you should be at the top-right corner of the area). Normally, you would fall down some pit blocks to end up where you had come from, but do NOT touch them. Freeze the Ripper when it is nearest the wall on the right. Jump over the pit blocks and land on the Ripper, then jump straight up and fire a missile at the very top-right corner of the room. This should reveal a secret tunnel that eventually leads all the way to the bottom of Norfair, near Ridley's lair (you will probably need to wall jump to get through it, however).

    Once you've reached the bottom of Norfair, work your way back up until you've reached the Chozo Statue that points you to the Varia suit. Head through that room; after you've exited, you should see one of those morph ball rockets; DO NOT USE IT. Fire two missiles at the wall behind it and use the wall jump to make your way back up the shaft you will be in. After you have made it through, you should be in front of the door leading to Hi-Jump.

    (In short, you must work backwards through this area).

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Butterside_up

    Morphball Jumping

    Go into Morphball mode, and lay a bomb. Just as the bomb blows up, lay another. If you keep getting higher, then you're performing this cheat correctly. If you keep falling to the ground, try using different timing. With this, you can get to really high places easily.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Bartholemew10

    How to Get Those Bugs Off of You...

    When the bugs get on you, form into a ball & press B (which is bombs) and the bugs will die.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by trgrhpy

    Wall Jump

    If you do a SpinJump against a wall so you can't move anymore, you can press the opposite direction you are going and A at the same time to launch off the wall. This can be used multiple times to scale narrow vertical areas. (Note: this is not necessary or possible once the Space Jump is acquired.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to beat Meca Ridely Easily

    Wait inside the room where Meca Ridely is and stand right by the door. stand still until Meca Ridely lifts it's hand in the air and then space jump straight up so you dodge it's hand. Shoot regular missiles at the red light on Meca Ridely's chest, until it blows the glass. (If it fires fireballs then space jump and stay in the air in between them) Then shoot a super missile to the red light. ( It took me 7 super missiles to kill it) Dodge it's laser eyes with space jump and hit the missiles with screw attack. If you do that right, you can defeat Meca Ridely with lossing only 1 bar of energy.

Metroid: Zero Mission Unlockables

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Fusion Gallery

    Link up to Metroid Fusion

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Samus in Red top & Shorts near Window

    Use normal mode and beat the game with less than 15%

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Gallery, Hard Mode, Original Metroid & Sound Check

    Beat the game one time

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Samus in Armor and closeup of her Face

    Use hard mode and beat the game with less than 15%

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Samus in Helmet Looking @ Sunset

    Use normal or hard mode and beat the game in about 3 hours and with more than 15%

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Samus in Blue Jumpsuit

    Use normal & hard mode and beat the game in less than 2 Hours and 15% in Normal & Hard

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Samus in Red top & Shorts in City

    Use hard mode and beat the game in less than 2 Hours and 100%

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Samus in Armor sitting on Rock

    Use easy mode and beat the game in more than 4 Hours and more than 15% pn normal or hard

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Samus in Red top & Shorts walking around city

    Use normal or hard mode and beat the game in more than 2 Hours

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Samus in Red top & Shorts

    Use normal mode and beat the game in less than 2 Hours

Metroid: Zero Mission Cheats

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Ozgur Turkmen

    How to beat Kraid easily

    First shoot Kraid on the head. He will then open his mouth. Shoot missiles inside his mouth. When he shoots his claws from his fingertips go down. When he shoots spikes from his belly turn into morph ball. After the spikes are stuck in the wall jump back up. Now do this over and over again and you will eventually beat him.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Getting out of Chozodia

    After you beat the game, you probably are wondering how to get out of Chozodia and get to Brinstar,Norfair etc. It's quite easy. Go to the linking hall that links the Space Pirate Mothershp with Chozo Ruins. Stand in the glass looking part and lay a power bomb. The resulting shockwave will brake the glass. Drop down,go to the left,and lay another power bomb on the ledge to destroy the power bomb blocks. Then keep going until you reach a tunnel. It will take you to Crateria. From there you can go to your ship and explore the rest of Zebes.

  • Game Boy | Submitted by gamer#121256

    How to beat bosses and mini bosses

    GIANT WORM: To beat the giant worm, you first need a missile tank. when u see the worm come up from the ground go into morph ball mode and what until he trys to hit u. when he comes up shoot a missile at his eye then repeat until he dies and your reword will be the charged beam. If he gets away you'll have many more chances to kick his ass.

    ACID WORM: you'll meet this guy later on in the game and its easy to beat him.tip 1:always stay on the lower block and when it trys to bite u, use the lever thingy to go across and that is when u use missiles to soot its eye. repeat until dead.

    KRAID: Start off by aiming at the dude's jewel on his forehead. After that he will open his mouth and that is when u soot 2 or 3 missile's into there. After a few shots he'll nock u down on a little platform at the bottom and he'll shoot hands out of his belly and u climb them and repeat until he's dead.

    IMAGO: When he comes down from the ceiling try to doge him then shoot as many missiles at him butt as u can until he go up on the other side then do the same when he come down from the other side and repeat till dead

Metroid: Zero Mission Easter Eggs

  • Game Boy | Submitted by Craser 9.9

    Play Old Version

    Beat the game.

    Hear are some codes for the old version:
    ( you have to go to "continue game" for all of these )

    Start invincible with all upgrades:
    NARPAS SWORD0 0000 (all of the 0's are zeros)

    Start at kraids lair with tons of weapons:
    JUSTIN BAILEY ------ ------

    Start with no suit:
    000000 000020 000000 000020

    Start with no suit but infinite missles:
    SAMUS8 RIDLEY 444444 444444

    Debug mode:

    Hard mode:
    999999 999999 KKK KKK

    Start in Tourian with mother brain :