Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Cheats, Codes & Guides

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Cheats

  • Submitted by nickman64
  • God Mode

    # dog
    Submitted by nickman64
  • Removes target

    # notarget
    Submitted by nickman64
  • No clipping

    # noclip
    Submitted by nickman64
  • Submitted by nickman64
  • Teleport to location

    # tele x y z
    Submitted by nickman64
  • Submitted by nickman64
  • Submitted by nickman64
  • Submitted by nickman64
  • All Weapons

    # give all objects - (the cool thing about this cheat is that when you are low on ammo just put it in again and it willmax you out on ammo.)
    Submitted by nickman64
  • All Levels

    # maplist - brings up a list of all levels, click on the one you want to play
    Submitted by nickman64
  • Invincibility

    # winchester
    Submitted by nickman64
  • Weapon names

    Colt 45 - colt45
    Frag Grenade - m2frag_grenade
    Walther P38 - p38
    Steilhandgranate - steilhandgranate
    M1 Garand - m1_garand
    Mauser KAR 98K - kar98
    Shotgun - shotgun
    Bazooka - bazooka
    Panzerschreck - panzerschreck
    BAR - bar
    StG 44 - mp44
    Thompson - thompsonsmg
    MP40 - mp40
    Springfield '03 Sniper - springfield
    KAR98 Sniper - kar98sniper
    Submitted by XAnimal
  • Map Lists

    Type maplist to bring up a list of levels.
    map - go to map
    Submitted by None
  • Activate Cheats

    n order to activate the cheat codes you need to create a shortcut from the MOHAA executable (.exe) icon. The default location is C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\MOHAA. Right click on the short cut and click on the Properties tab. Delete the existing target line and replace it with the following:
    "c:\program files\ea games\mohaa\mohaa.exe" +set developer 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1 +set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1

    Start the game by clicking on the shortcut icon. Once you're in the lobby click on the Advanced options menu in the stack of radios on your left. Turn on the Console option. Press the "~" key to bring down the console and you're ready to go! Note: you may need to enter cmd in front of each cheat, for example:
    cmd winchester

    Submitted by nickman64

Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault Hints

  • Secret Room

    In Multiplayer on the level "Stalingrad" you can see two windows under the two levels up above it if you go in one of the upper levels go out one of the windows above note : don't jump out only "slide" out if done correctly u will land on the ledge of the "secret" room go backwards then your shall be in the room WHERE NO ONE CAN SEE YOU P.S. (only works in version 1.00 so v1.11 people cant do this sorry!)
    Submitted by Trey Solorza
  • Get A Third Person

    When you have met Major Jack Grillo, On the first level. After you have the chargers (bombs)You run into the open you will notice a truck and some barrels. Go up the steps next to the barrels and follow the guard then kill him and the rest, the person who was being interrogated will get up and help you with the rest of the mission with a sniper rifle
    Submitted by The beast cheater in the world
  • Get A Sniper Rifle in D-Day Without Cheats

    Get A Sniper Rifle in D-Day Without Cheats
    Submitted by Brett
  • Get A Sniper Rifle in D-Day Without Cheats

    When under the first bunker. When the two soldiers run across the mine field go to the pit near the barbed wire (Do this when the machine gun men are focused on the two soldiers) and at the bottom you while find a solider who died with a sniper rifle. Pick it up and snipe out the machine gun men then get to the other side as fast as you can!
    Submitted by Brett
  • Medals

    Get medal in the first level:when you with major grillo rescue the american POW and stay alive to the end of the level.
    Get the medal in the second level:when you are in the submarine go on a left side and get into a last room and steal the mainfest.
    Get the medal in the third level: Just pass the assault in the Omaha beach.
    Get the medal in the 4th level: destroy the two King Tiger tanks.
    Get medal in the 5th level: all of the three members of the special tank crew must stay alive.
    Get the medal in the 6th level: when your sniping on the train platform you must escape less than the five caustless.
    Get the bronze star:Just pass the last level.
    Submitted by MARKO

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