Mass Effect 3: Secret details of as-yet-unannounced 'Leviathan' DLC discovered in Extended Cut

Bioware do an Inception and hide plans for their next DLC in their current DLC

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The next offering of Mass Effect 3 DLC has been revealed in an unexpected way. Gamers have discovered a script for new content concealed in the recently released Extended Cut which appears to provide the first details of previously unknown ‘Leviathan’ DLC.

The information included in the code – which can be found at Pastebin – includes new dialogue, new codex entries and the ENTIRE plot line for the next bit of DLC, which focuses on a defected reaper called Leviathan, who can apparently be used against the Reapers as a War Asset, implying the new content takes place before the final mission of Mass Effect 3.

Above: This image represents the wave of DLC that Sheppard is currently bracing for

Gamers should probably expect some official confirmation for the ‘Leviathan’ DLC sooner rather than later, if a tweet from Mass Effect 3 Producer Mike Gamble is anything to go by: "As I've said before, we do this for you! EC was our gift to the fans. Hope you enjoyed. Also... keep your ears open over the next little while."

While it’s not a huge shock to learn that Bioware has plans for more DLC for Mass Effect 3, it is bewildering that anyone at the company seriously believed no-one would notice what it had squirreled away.

Source: Pastebin via Eurogamer

This article was written by Ben Tyrer who is with GamesRadar on Work Experience from Bournemouth University

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