Marvel vs Capcom 3's alternate costume showcase

Not all the color choices make sense, but they're all included


Akuma%26rsquo;s alts, like many of his fellow Capcom fighters, are a little hard to pick out, though we%26rsquo;re sure some have been used in previous games, like how the Akuma with white hair is a clear reference to Shin Akuma, the boss from Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Albert Wesker

We%26rsquo;re going to file these under %26ldquo;totally random.%26rdquo; [Update: user Darkvare correctly pointed out the first Wesker image looks just like Devil May Cry 3 bad guy Vergil]


Our old pal from Okami always looks great, but she doesn%26rsquo;t have a rich history to draw from, so these choices look to be simply aesthetic. [Update: user MrSuitMan correctly identified these as matching other Canine Warriors from Okami]


Though you%26rsquo;ll see Arthur%26rsquo;s true gold armor in one of his special attacks, all three of his alts reference armor power-ups from the Ghost %26lsquo;n Goblins series.

Captain America

The darker, more morbid, skull insignia outfit represents a very short period of time when the Punisher tried to take on the mantle after Captain America%26rsquo;s %26ldquo;death.%26rdquo; The teal variation was one of the more popular color choices from previous MvC games, while the Red Cap and shield references Cap%26rsquo;s former Cold War rival Red Guardian.

Chris Redfield

We%26rsquo;re going to take a guess that just like Wesker, these hold no real meaning, though the first one brings to mind Chris%26rsquo; old S.T.A.R.S. COLORS.


During the process of collecting these screens, fellow editor Brett Elston pointed out that the red costumewas Chun-Li%26rsquo;s first ever alt, introduced in Street Fighter II Champion Edition, the first game in the series to allow both players to pick the same character.

Crimson Viper

Like Amaterasu, C-Viper hasn%26rsquo;t been around long enough to amass a wardrobe of much meaning, but at least she wears it well.


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