Mario Hoops 3-on-3 faqs

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Cheats

  • Glare Desert

    Entry location: Jr.Street
    Get over 800 points in Jr.Street to unlock Glare Desert.
    Submitted by dh13funk
  • Pumpkin and Pearl Balls

    Enter a match up with another person and loose 5 times (don't score a basket) to get the pumpkin ball and win 5 times to get pearl.
    Submitted by Matt and Chase20

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Easter Eggs

  • Blue Ninja

    Entry location: Rainbow Tourny Extra Finals (hard)
    When you get to the hard Rainbow tourny, to see the blue Ninja in the extra finals you have to have Ninja on your team in the Rainbow tourny.
    Submitted by Meaz

Mario Hoops 3-on-3 Unlockables

  • Unlock Alternate Costumes

    To select an alternate costume, hold a direction of the control pad when you drag the player onto the ring. Different directions indicate different costumes.

    Flyguy's costume - Finish Hard Star Cup (silver prize)
    White Mage's costume - Finish Hard Rainbow Cup (gold prize)
    Daisy's costume - Finish Flower Cup (silver prize)
    Yoshi's costume - Finish Hard Flower Cup (silver prize)
    Ninja's colors - Finish Hard Rainbow Cup (silver prize)
    Peach's costume - Finish Mushroom Cup (silver prize)
    Submitted by TJ
  • Unlock Hard Mode

    Complete the Rainbow Cup in the Normal Tournament.
    Submitted by TJ
  • Unlock Cactaur

    Get over 800 points in the Star Cup on normal to unlock the Desert Stage. Go to the stage and you will see a cactus, if you're over top of him, he will run away. Win the current match to unlock him.
    Submitted by TJ
  • Unlock Hardest Difficulty

    Complete the Rainbow Cup in Hard Tournament.
    Submitted by TJ
  • Unlockable Courts

    Gira Gira Desert - Get 800 points in a Star Cup match
    Moogle Garden - Get 3 dunks in Daisy Garden ( the last match of the Flower Cup). A panel will appear, with a blue seed to unlock Moogle Garden
    Sunset Beach - Get 200 or more points during an exhibition match at Noko Noko Beach (must be between 4:00 and 6:00 PM)
    Submitted by None
  • Third Dribble Race

    Beat the Peach Castle - 45s and Sunshine Road -55s records to unlock Rainbow Road.
    Submitted by Twoblock
  • Unlockable Characters

    Bowser - Beat Star Cup.
    Ninja - Beat Rainbow Cup
    Birdo - Beat Hard Mushroom Cup
    Boo - Beat Hard Flower Cup with a bronze prize
    Black Mage - Beat Rainbow Cup with a gold prize
    Moogle - Beat Star Cup with a silver prize
    Paratroopa - Beat Mushroom Cup with a bronze prize
    White Mage - Beat Rainbow Cup with a silver prize
    Dixie Kong - Beat Flower Cup with a bronze prize
    Flyguy - Beat Hard Star Cup with a bronze prize
    Submitted by Twoblock
  • Unlockable Balls

    Chrome ball - Finish all dribbling challenges
    Blue/Silver ball - Finish the training mode
    Cheep-Cheep ball - Finish the Hard Mushroom Cup with a gold
    Dice ball - Finish the Hard Flower Cup with a gold
    Star ball - Finish the Star Cup with a gold
    Goomba ball - Finish the Hard Star Cup with a gold
    Watermelon ball - Finish the Flower Cup with a gold
    Yoshi egg ball Finish the Mushroom Cup with a gold
    Gold ball - Get over 5,000 points in your profile
    Bowser ball - Win a gold in Star Cup Easy.
    Submitted by Zombieslayer and others
  • Unlock Cataur

    To unlock Cactaur, Unlock Glare Desert NOT GIRA GIRA. To unlock Glare Desert go to the normal difficulty and get to Jr. Street. Once you get there, get 100 coins and 5 purple coins and hope to get 3 mario heads. Once you exceed 800 points within both periods, when you move on to the next stage it should say you unlocked Glare Desert! Once you unlock Glare Desert go to it during Exibition mode. Have the ball with you and dribble around. Soon you will see a little sprout out of the ground that looks like a cactus top. Dribble on top of it a few times and it will pop up and run away. Win the match your in and it should say you unlocked Catctaur! He is very fast and i recommend him!
    Submitted by Jcv1235
  • Rainbow Ball

    In exhibition (with another DS player), you can get a Rainbow Ball. You get it by winning exhibition five times in a row.
    Submitted by Randy Zimmerman

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Release date: Sep 13 2006 - DS (US)
Feb 16 2007 - DS (UK)
Available Platforms: DS
Genre: Sports
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Square Enix
Franchise: Mario
ESRB Rating:
Everyone: Mild Cartoon Violence
PEGI Rating:


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