Manhunt 2: New playable character?

New screens show inmate Leo Kasper in action

Rockstar has kept us in the dark on Manhunt 2, aside from ensuring we're all aware it'll be just as shocking as the original. But a disturbing new update to the official site - andsome new shots- hint at a larger, playable role for Leo Kasper, who we originally believed to be a supporting character alongside lead murderer Daniel Lamb.

On the site, a grimy new page offers up a recording of Kasper being questioned at the Dixmor Hospital for the Criminally Insane. It's certainly not for the faint-hearted, or anyone who's eaten lunch in the last couple of hours.

In addition to creeping us out, however, listening to the recording has led us to believe that Kasper will be a playable character. In fact, we're reckoning that you'll play both Leo and Danny at certain points throughout the game. Several times video footage pops up that resembles the murder-moments of Manhunt, but it's Kasper that's doing the offing.

Above: We're certain this chap here with the gun is Leo - prior to being imprisoned and drugged at Dixmor

According to the tape, Leo is a particularly nasty - and especially unfortunate - fellow. He's been subjected to drugs, imprisonment and a level of combat and stealth training that involved techniques so damaging he has trouble remembering anything before he was inducted into the Project, which the interrogating doctor claims is a part of a government agency. Leo's also a mass-murdering psycho, and we learn that he throttled the last person who interviewed him at Dixmor.

You can check out the unsettling interactive site through the main Manhunt 2 webpage, but maybe have some soothing images on hand just in case it all becomes too much, okay?

June 1, 2007