Madden NFL 08 - hands-on

Fellers, the game here is obliteration, fully American. Your team is a horde of juggernauts, growling and grunting and advancing downfield, shape-shifting into strategic formations to confuse your enemy, trampling any mound of flesh and bone that isn't a cheerleader….

Football will eternally be entertainment based on blood-thirst, and the game-architects at EA embrace the violence with the standout new addition to this year's Madden - the weapon system. It labels players according to how they can best help you slaughter.

As your squad bounces into the stadium, your key weapons are unveiled and spotlighted. For the game's duration, your biological artilleries are marked with symbols denoting whether they're a wide-receiver ninja missile, a stampeding ogre linebacker, a cybernetic quarterback with pistons in his arm, etc. and another etc. This endows you with constant reference points for who to use, who to watch, what tactics to exploit, and what to guard against.


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