Leprechaun reboot on the way

WWE Films have never really set the world alight with their cinematic output, but they’ve certainly managed to raise eyebrows with their latest project: a collaboration with Lionsgate to reboot pint-sized horror, Leprechaun .

Following the exploits of the titular beastie, the long-running franchise first began in 1993, with Warwick Davis scaring the living daylights out of Jennifer Aniston in one of her first major movie roles.

The series would go on to spawn a further five sequels, including the likes of Leprechaun In Space and the legendary Leprechaun In The Hood . If any of you need any reminding of the latter, take a look at the video below.

Mmm, that’s good rhyming. Variety reports that Lionsgate will be “putting a modern spin” on the series (more modern than this “rap music” the kids are talking about?), although there’s no word on whether Warwick Davis will be asked to reprise his role.

Until we get more info, we’ll just have to speculate as to where Lep’s “modern-day” adventures might take him next.  Leprechaun At The Zoo ? Leprechaun’s Big Day Out ? Leprechaun’s Coming For Dinner ? The possibilities are endless…


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