The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword walkthrough

Kill them and make a right turn to find a door that will need the special key in the center. Ignore it for now and continue down the right hallway to come to a room of sand and a locked door with teal crystal on it. You can clear out the sand to find steering wheels on the floor that give the combination of hits to make, Bottom, top, bottom, right, and then the door will unlock to allow you to reach a chest. Inside will be a key, but of course not the special key.

Run all the way back up to the top of the stairs that lead out to the deck and enter the locked door there. Now you will need to face off against the captain of the ship by poking him in the gut repeatedly with your sword. You will need to drive him to the edge of the ship three times before he is finally finished. Once he is, a chest will appear and you will receive a bow for your troubles.

Head back out to the main deck and use the bow to shoot the blue target on the main mast. It will reveal a time stone at the very top. Give it a shot and the ship will revert in time. Climb up the ladder on the mast and clear out the enemies there and on the other side. Next up is to shoot an arrow at the blue target on the far right side to loosen the zipline carriage. Walk over to it and ride it up and keep repeating until you reach the top.

Stab the lock and turn upright and press A to unlock the bars below and to have the captain tell you to release his crew. Make your way back down the third zipline and head for the now unlocked door on the main deck. Enter it and make your way back down to the second floor and go through the corridor on the right. Enter the door there and go for the second door on the left side. To get past the electrical field, shoot an arrow through the vents above to hit the time stone on the mast and make them disappear. Grab the Dungeon Map from the chest and give the time stone another shoot to exit.

Continue through the corridor and enter the next door on the left. Inside, move the block onto the pressure plate and then you will be able to hop out the left most window, but ignore it for now. Go back out to the hallway and make your way back down the stairs to the room where you cleared the sand off the steering wheel symbols. Talk to the captured crew there and they will tell you that you need to restart two generators and will mark them on your map. Now make your way up to the top deck and tag the time crystal to revert time to the future.

Once everything is dusty, make your way down to the hallway with the fan on the wall and shoot an arrow through to open the door. Enter and go to the right and move the block there. It will reveal another fan hole. Walk over to the pressure plate across from it and then shoot an arrow at the target that appears. Now make your way back up to the main deck to hit the crystal again and then come down to the room where you just hit the target and turn the generator on by stabbing it.

Now go back up to the deck and climb the ladder on the far side to get to the boat on the left side of the ship. Stand on the boat and then hit the time crystal so time goes forward to dusty. When it does, hit the blue target just above the boat to lower it. Hop through the window when you are down and make a right into the room with the generator. Fire an arrow up through the vent to hit the crystal and make time past again and then operate the generator.

You can now use the lever by the door to exit the room, but come right back into the room with the windows to climb down the ladder and enter the doorway below. Follow the corridor after going through the door, forward and down the ladder to the giant blocks that are crushing into the ground. Make your way past them and the next set and you will eventually need to whip swing over on top of a few more plunging blocks. When you get to the far side of them, pull the lever on the wall and then crawl through the opening on the right. When you get through, you will come to the crew men and they will give you a key to the captain’s quarters.

Go back up to the main deck and take a shot at the time crystal to make it the future again. Now you can now go through the locked door to the east and follow the stairs down and into the open door. Fire an arrow through the ceiling vent and a Beamo will appear. Destroy it and then step on the pressure plate to open a slot in the wall. Fire an arrow through to hit the target on the far side and then go through the door on the right. Once in this room, take out the three Beamos and the bars guarding the chest will open. Grab the special key from inside the chest when you do and then make your way all the way back to the control room in the other part of the ship.

Once you enter the key, you’ll need to run back up to the main deck, while slicing a few tentacles and dodging a few barrels along the way. When you finally get to the main deck, you’ll have to fight against Tentalus, the very tentacle monster. For the first part of the battle, put your back to the corner facing the water and load up your bow. Hit each tentacle as they pop up and eventually Tentalus will emerge.

When he does pop up, avoid his tentacle slam and then shoot him in the eye. When you get him, he will fall forward leaving you time to run up and slash him in the eye ball. Repeat this three times and then a crate will fall behind you. Run up it and then hit Tentalus in the eye with an arrow and he will again fall forward. Slash at him while locked on and then back up. Now he will send his hair snakes at you which you can just hack and slash away at. Again hit him in the eye and then run forward to slash at him and that will finish him off for good.

Din’s Silent Realm

Now that you only need one more flame, it’s back to the Isle of Song to find out where to next, but I’m sure you know where it is. That’s right, next stop: Back to Eldin Volcano. Now that you have learned Din’s Power for your Harp, it’s back to the volcano and to the Volcano Ascent statue to land right at the trial spot. Do your thing with the stabby stabby into the ground and you will be tasked with finding 15 more tears around the area.

For the most part the tears are easy to find, but there are 3 that you need to get by using the large air spout to the right of the start to nab and there are three up the slope just ahead of the start that can be tricky with all the searching phantoms in the area. One you finally nab all 15 of them, you will be rewarded with some new Fireshield Earrings. Aren’t you a pretty boy? Now make your way to the Temple Entrance (heading to the sky and using the Temple statue is the fastest way) and make your way east and then north into the cave and follow the ramp up to where you were getting burned earlier in the game. In the cave at the top and it will take you to the resting place of the last flame.