SFX Wishlist: What do you want to see in Ben Affleck's solo Batman movie?

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We’ve got a fair old time to wait until a solo outing for Ben Affleck’s Batman hits cinema – we don’t even know exactly when it’ll be released. Neither can we say for certain what it’ll be called; Affleck has said that he has The Batman in mind, but also that that might change.

What do we know? Well, we know that Affleck will be directing. It’s been confirmed that Joe Manganiello will be in the film, playing mercenary/assassin Deathstroke. It’s safe to assume that Jeremy Irons and JK Simmons will be back as Alfred and Commissioner Gordon. Beyond that, this movie is a blank page – ready for us to scrawl our wildest imaginings on! 

Should the Joker feature, or are you about as keen to see Jared Leto in another superhero movie as Will Smith is to invite him to his birthday party? In what timeframe should the movie be set? We glimpsed a Robin costume in Batman v Superman – should that factor in somehow? Affleck has said he’d like to tell an original story but “borrow and steal great things that have been done before in the comics” – if you were him, what “great things” would you be pinching? Rumours are swirling that the film might feature a rogues’ gallery of Bat-villains. Would that work? If so, who’d be the perfect choice to play someone like the Penguin or the Riddler? What approach would you like to see taken with the tone; did you find Dawn of Justice too dour?

We’re dying to hear your ideas! You can email them to us at sfx@futurenet.com (please use the subject line Wishlist: The Batman). Feel free to go into detail – but no 20-page essays, please! Alternatively you can post a comment below, tweet us at @SFXmagazine (using the hashtag #SFXwishlist), or join us on Facebook. We’ll harvest the very best comments for our Wishlist feature in SFX issue 281, on sale 9 November.  


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