Jurassic Park: The Game gets awesome website and pre-order/Deluxe Edition information

We last checked in behind the scenes with Telltale Games' Jurassic Park: The Game back in April, but two weeks from US release, the company's got plenty more to show off. They’ve updated their website to have more of a Jurassic Park feel, and released a new trailer for the game. From the looks of things it’s almost ready to go, with Telltale having revamped the engine and promising a more cinematic take on adventure gaming than ever – as well as a wealth of ways to die at the scaly, comically small hands of Jurassic Park's dinosaurs.

Lacking a European publisher for the Xbox 360 version of Jurassic Park: The Game,Telltale has announced that players in that territory unfortunately won't see the title before year's end.

US players, and PSN/Steam users in PAL territories, can look forward to it on November 15. That gives you two weeks to save $10 on a preorder Special Edition, which'll get you a generous plenitude of Jurassic tchotchkes to surround yourself with while you explore Isla Nublar. They’ve also shown off the Deluxe Edition, which is likely a must-buy for any fans of Jurassic Park.

Seriously, even if you’re not interested in the game you might want to at least check it out. It’s chock full of awesome Jurassic Park memorabilia that’s sure to make fans of the classic films squeal with joy. Or squeal for fear of being eaten by a raptor. Either or. 


  • codystovall - October 31, 2011 10 p.m.

    Preorder does not include door locks.
  • Pwnz0r3d - October 31, 2011 6:24 p.m.

    The troodon design rubs me the wrong way. They just look like raptors with white bug eyes. Then again, that is kind of what a troodon looked like, but i was expecting some other gimmick to separate it from the raptors like they did with the dilophosaurs (they only added the spit thing because without it, they're just black raptors; which in real life is false.) That Mososaur was a nice surprise, hopefully they make sure the water level DOESNT suck. And is it just me, or do the raptors look sorta awkward?
  • slowdrum13 - October 31, 2011 5:05 p.m.

    I love telltale so much, I really hope they make a star trek cinematic adventure game.
  • phoenix_wings - October 31, 2011 3:59 p.m.

    This looks pretty cool. I hope it 'is' pretty cool. It's not as if all of Telltale's games are bad. It's not going to be like Dino Crisis or anything...unfortunately.
  • DualWieldingIsNotFeasible - October 31, 2011 3:44 p.m.

    Why? Why would they take my favorite movie of all time and adapt it into a glorified point-and-click game?
  • slowdrum13 - October 31, 2011 5:09 p.m.

    because they're AWESOME. Great movie + old school adventure game = EPIC.
  • metalgatesolid - October 31, 2011 3:38 p.m.

    I so want this to be good. It will prob be a 5-6 (if lucky) rated came. I hope im wrong.

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