Listen, we thought we were just gonna kick some people in the balls. We didn’t realize there were going to be financial considerations to worry over in Jackass. But that’s the burden you’re forced to bear when you take over as the show’s producer after Jeff Tremaine (the regular producer) gets taken out of commission with what Johnny Knoxville calls “a sprained vagina.”

But don’t be too scared. All you’re really worried about is completing enough goals per episode so that MTV will dip into its treasure chest to commission more shows for you and your crew to film. More shows means more stunts, and more stunts means more smashed testicles. So in the end, everybody wins.

With five stunts to complete in each of the game’s seven episodes, you’ll experience 35 scenarios for mayhem in total. Some of these will be borrowed from the show and movies, but the majority will be new to the game. The first one we were shown involved rolling in a trash can down the hilly streets of San Francisco, or as it’s referred to here at the GamesRadar office, Intern Derby Tuesdays. Other stunts include pogo racing over urban rooftops, driving a golf cart with a blatant disregard for human life and using a man-sized slingshot to launch one of your guys across several backyards.


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