Infinity Ward advertises jobs for next-gen FPS, pretty much lists Modern Warfare 4 gameplay features

Activision is hiring, specifically to bolster Infinity Ward, creator of the Modern Warfare franchise. But the job adverts give away so much information, we may as well put Modern Warfare 4 in our system right now. Look at our summaries of the job descriptions of this little lot (direct quotes from job descriptions are in italics):

Senior Network Engineer:

Work with the game industry's brightest to design and implement high level network code for an exciting, unannounced title for next-generation console systems.

Requirements: Interest in games, preferably first-person shooters

Knowledge of networking protocols (UDP) and patterns used for online games

Game Designer/Scripter

You thrive on creating minute-to-minute firefights, action sequences and holy-s**t moments that keep gamers coming back for more...

Requirements: Must be able to to list techniques used to make fun FPS combat.

Serious long-term passion for first-person shooters, console or PC

Above: "The Eiffel Tower's coming down!" You couldn't script it... OR COULD YOU?

Senior Gameplay Engineer

This role is for experienced programmers that enjoy experimenting with game design and working with enemy, AI, weapons and character controls

Interest in games, preferably first-person shooters

Senior Technical Animator

Working with 3rd party software for viewing and effecting Maya animations in the game engine (i.e. Unreal)

Require 3+ years experience on console game development

Additional background in film or TV VFX is a plus

Looks like the team is concentrating on realism and film-like action sequences then. Also, it's worth pointing out that CoD doesn't currently use Unreal, instead using a heavily modified version of Quake III's engine. Are we about to see an engine change at last for the behemoth franchise?

Environment Artist

Environment artists should have knowledge of Photoshop, Maya and experience creating next-gen textures using normal maps with diffuse, specular, and next-gen shaders.

Console experience a plus

Senior Technical VFX artist

This is the one that tells us that Infinity Ward is trying to stamp out any conceivable superior feature in Battlefield 3's bullet points. CoD, while super-solid and explosive, has never really had destructible environments - at least not on an unscripted level. Looks like that's about to change:

Focusing on large complex destruction sequence simulations and making worlds that are more alive, animated and interactive.

Ability to create realistic explosions, demolition, destruction.

Animated environment elements like blowing cloth, foliage

Maya Simulation of archtectural and vehicle destruction

Sounds to us like the series is ramping up the meaningful, interactive, Battlefield 3-style destruction and placing more of the explosive capability into the player's hands. But not all the time - scripting is still going to play a big part. Remember, Activision wants people who 'thrive on creating holy-s**t moments' to work on their next game. We're pleased - we do have to make lists of these kinds of things on the internet, after all.

Conclusion? Expect a new Modern Warfare game at launch on next-gen consoles, probably around Christmas next year. Full of Holy-S**t moments and realistic destruction.

Source: Activision


  • ThatGamerDude - May 29, 2012 6:43 p.m.

    Amazing how everyone expects this to be a Call of Duty game. You guys are so one-sided.
  • Rub3z - May 30, 2012 8:59 a.m.

    I do hate to be cynical, but... come on. Have you been paying attention for almost the past decade or so? It's Call of Duty. One of them has come out every single year, without fail. We've been given absolutely none, nothing, zero indication that this is going to change. Do you think Activision is actually willing to let IW take risks with their baby, their "highest-grossing property on Earth" Call of Duty franchise? And that kittens will be born made of pop-tarts and fly through the sky farting rainbows, and pigs will walk about fully cooked and covered in hickory with forks and knives stuck in them, waiting for you to take a delicious savory bite? Bah. Fat chance. Look at what happened to Guitar Hero and the now-defunct Bizarre Creations and try to tell me otherwise. Ran into the ground or picked up, shaken, squeezed and suffocated of every last ounce of profit, then left for dead. That's their MO. Sure, we all would like to see something different. Something besides COD for IW, a new direction. I would. But do you think such a change is going to happen if a) heads at Activision see that perhaps taking steps in a new direction will actually be better for them or b) they start seeing dips in their stock and revenue and profit numbers and such? They've made it clear to everyone involved that that's what they're in the game for... profit. So in the meantime, I would keep your eyes peeled on any news from Respawn Entertainment, i.e. the real deal IW developers who made COD4 and MW2 and left after that whole royalties debacle. They're in a better position to shake things up around here.
  • ThatGamerDude - May 30, 2012 7:19 p.m.

    That still doesn't excuse the fact that people are acting like this game is 100% a Call of Duty game. Without proper evidence, it's all speculation so saying that it is indeed a new CoD without any confirmation is absolutely ridiculous. I know what you're talking about, Activision has been driving this series down the Guitar Hero road but that doesn't make up for everyone to act so immature about this. Oh and if I recall, CoD isn't the only first person shooting game Activision owns.
  • Net_Bastard - May 29, 2012 8:44 a.m.

    A new IW CoD game is coming out! In other news, water is transparent.
  • EnigmaSpirit - May 29, 2012 1:29 p.m.

    THIS JUST IN! New studies show that cigarettes are bad for you, and that air is good.

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