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Impossible Creatures Cheats, Codes & Guides

Impossible Creatures Cheats

  • Various Cheats

    Entry location: During gameplay press ~ to get the console then enter a code below:
    cheat_coal(9999) - Add 9999 Coal

    cheat_buildings - Get more buildings

    cheat_electricity(9999) - Get 9999 Electricity

    cheat_rank - Get Higher rank

    cheat_killself - Die
    Submitted by None
  • Two Impossible Creatures

    Name: Impossible Creature
    Combined Dragonfly & Great White Shark
    Level 5 Flyer
    Damage: 39
    Abilities: Immunity, frenzy and flight
    Health: 283
    Defense: 26
    Speed: 25
    Sight: 25
    Size: 7
    Costs 356 coal and 130 electricity per creature
    Use dragonfly wings, legs and tail (I think the wings and legs are one thing)
    Use Great White Shark's head

    Name: KONG (my version)
    Combined Gorilla and Great white shark (hint: you could also use sperm whale if you want higher defense and stuff, but it lowers attack)
    Level 5 Ground
    Damage: 35
    Abilities: Immunity, Frenzy, and herding
    Costs 416 coal and 100 electricity (sperm whale costs more)
    Health: 540
    Defense: 35
    Speed: 18
    Sight: 15
    Size: 7 (goes up with sperm whale)
    Use Gorilla body, front legs and back legs. Use Shark (or whale) tail and head
    OPTIONAL:you could use the fishes body to improve water speed, but this may not help you in the long run)
    Submitted by Raptor # 7

Impossible Creatures Hints

  • The Most Powerful Creature

    Entry location: Hint
    To make the most powerful creature in the game, combine a dragonly with a sperm whale. The whole body of the dragonfly. What did you get? A flying creature, size 10, with attack 42. When upgraded, has attack of 50! (if you don't want it to fly, you can remove the wings. Won't change it's attack but its speed will change.)
    Submitted by Dr. Apocalyps
  • Even More Powerful Creature?

    Combine a sperm whale with a wolverene. Use the wolverene's body and legs and the whale's head and tail. This way it can swim. It should have around 1200 health and 1700 health when upgraded.
    Submitted by richard

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