Harvey Dent turns Two-Face in The Dark Knight...

Harvey Dent himself, Aaron Eckhart, has been talking with MTV , and we don’t know if it was all the flashing lights, yoof-speak and fast-editing, but somehow they tricked him into a making a massive reveal about the upcoming Batman Begins sequel.

"Batman is a complex character, and Two-Face comes a little bit from the same world. But, he's apart from it,” he said. “I'm looking for the tension between the two, the similarities between the two. I want to find what's similar to Batman, and then find what's opposite to him.”

But before you get upset with us, that’s not the massive reveal, this is. When asked if he’d turn into Two-Face before the film’s finished, he said: "Yeah... Well, I'm Harvey Dent ... then I go into Harvey Two-Face".

Which poses a series of intriguing questions – not least being how Dent turns. We all know The Joker likes to muck about with acid – could the Clown Prince Of Crime be the man behind Dent’s decayed mug? Or will Nolan stick to the comic-books and keep a disgruntled gangster as the culprit? We wonder if he’ll flip a coin to decide...

However it happens, Dent’s transformation looks set to be one of the coolest scenes of 2008. You heard it here first, Batfans...

Source:( MTV )



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