Halo memes - The best Halo images and jokes we've seen

Halo memes

Memes are uniformly terrible. They're like Internet-age mimes, forcing their way into our collective conscious by invading social spaces. They ache to be looked at, and when a person caves, they are disappointed...oh so disappointed. Memes lack all redeeming humor or value, and verily, we are worse as a society and also as a human species for having acknowledged their presence, voluntarily or no.

The only thing worse than memes themselves is rooting through meme databases, separating the wheat from the chaff, the garbage from the genuine crap. It's a nasty business, but we have done it for you. You are welcome. Behold. A Collection of Halo memes (gathered from the likes of quickmeme, weknowmemes, memegenerator, memebase, memesrus, mememememe...)