Halo 3 Beta - Live Impressions

Wednesday may only be half a week away, but it feels like eons. You've stared at every screen, gone frame by frame through every video and studied every last weapon and vehicle blueprint until your head hurt. Still, you want more... you NEED more.

Relax. GamesRadar understands your pain and we've got you covered. While the rest of the world won't experience the Beta for several more days, we're getting a seven-hour sneak peek tonight.

And we're taking you with us. Throughout the evening, this space will be updated with on-the-spot impressions, gameplay videos and event screens. Everything we see, we'll show you. Anything we think, we'll tell you. Right here - as it happens. Stay with us... it's gonna be crazy.

Contributors: Charlie Barratt, Brett Elston


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