Halo 3: 30 Nov 2007, £35

Monday 10 July 2006
Halo 3 is available for preorders now with two online Canadian retailers, who are pricing it at $70 (approx £35) and say it's set for release on 30 November 2007.

Bungie has already confirmed that Halo 3 will launch in autumn 2007, so treat this release date from the Canadian arm of Best Buy and online retailer Future Shop as more of an educated guess than rock-solid info. If you'll remember, retailers went similarly gaga when predicting the launch of Halo 2, which eventually came out around a month after the estimates.

Above: Canadian online retailers Best Buy and Future Shop want £35 for Halo 3

Microsoft, as usual, has refused to comment on "rumour and speculation". But we'd be surprised if Bungie's threequel opus doesn't touch down within at least a few weeks of this estimate. Microsoft surely wouldn't want to miss having Halo 3 disrupt a Christmas that could be vital for PS3's second wave of software.


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