Halo: Reach Campaign Walkthrough Guide

The final chapter of the Halo saga has arrived, and our guide to the single player campaign is here to give you a hand if you get stuck. We’ve also got lots more Reach coverage on the way; multiplayer strategies are in the pipeline in addition to a guide for the game's collectibles. Make sure to read our Halo: Reach Super Review, and check back soon for additional Reach guides, cheats and hints, all right here.

Note: Campaign Achievements are highlighted in black, and as of right now you've officially been put on SPOILER ALERT!

Mission 1: Noble Actual

Nothing more than a cut scene. Sit back and enjoy.

Mission 2: Winter Contingency

Noble Team

After the initial cut scene, it’s time to kick things off. Start by setting your controls and then hop on out of the Falcon and follow the team. Make your way to the West and head to the small gathering of buildings located below you – using your Sprint to get there a little quicker. Locate the beacon at the marker and Kat will ponder why there is no explosive residue and then tell you to get a move on. Continue heading West and then to the South, to the buildings there and feel free to start gunning down the Moa – the Ostrich looking things - if you want to nabthe "Keep it Clean"Achievement. Head through the buildings and you will reach the next objective.

When you reach the next building, some refugees will open a door and exit. They will tell you that they were hiding andwere attacked. Leave them and head north through the buildings and you will come to – DUN DUN DUN – the Covenant! Take out the enemies in the area, either by popping them through the open window or by heading down the stairs. Use the fuel tank on the left side of the outside area for a hand if you need be and then push your way North across the bridge there as more Covenant get dropped into battle.

Once the crowd has been thinned, head East across the river and up the bank on the far side. There will be a gang of grunts here among the hay bales as well as a few Elites to the far side. Also be sure to clear a few more of the Moa here if you are after the "Keep it Clean" achievement. Hop down the ledge with Jorge and Carter and continue on your way heading North to find a truck on the right side that you can drive. Again, if you want another achievement, skip using the truck and hoof it through the next area. Again, the Sprint Armor ability is pretty useful here.

Rebels Don’t Leave Plasma Burns

Once you reach the next area, there will be another gaggle of Moa running around; that should cap off your “Keep It Clean” Achievement when you mow them down. Keep trekking East across the river and then South towards the Covenant’s grunting and chirping. When you encounter them, you will be told that there are heat signatures in the building ahead and you’ll be tasked with clearing it out. Wipe out the enemies scattered bout and then you will get a radio message about a distress signal. Apparently the Covenant have landed on Reach. Ahem. When you're heading through the building that you just cleared out, you can use a med pack in there to get your “Doctor, Doctor” achievement out of the way.

After the call, head outside to the Southwest and cross the bridge. Make your way up the path to the left towards the Covenant Drop ship to find the missing troopers. Once you reach the top of the hill and the structures there, head inside and down the stairs to find some ammo and weapons. Clear out the enemies there and have a little chat with the soldiers. As you do, another Covenant drop ship will enter and drop some more bullet fodder for you. Use the building for cover while waiting for the EVAC and let the soldiers do the majority of the work if you feel so inclined. Pop out to play clean up on the remaining enemies when you are feeling up for it. Once they're all dead, your achievement – “They’ve Always Been Faster” - for not taking the truck will pop.

Hop into the Falcon when it lands and Kat will update you on all the happenings that are occurring. Next stop is a Relay Outpostwhere you'll need to clear out of more Covenant. Hop out when you land and quickly find some cover; there are a lot of enemies here and it can be a little tough. At the North side, Kat will be working on a door control panel and you will need to continue defending the Outpost from the Covenant until she says she'ss ready. If you really feel like it, there is a forklift in the room to the right that you can hop in and go for a spin and see if you can run over some enemies. I wouldn’t suggest it however, but hey, it’s fun! Once Kat says she is ready, head back into the corridor and the door will close once everyone else decides to join you.

Skeleton Crew

Kick on your night vision by pressing on the D-pad and follow the corridor until the cutscene plays. Once the chat is over, Jorge and you and ready to roll after the Zealot. Make your way to the end of the loading bay after clearing out the grunts and head down the stairs. Make your way around the right side, through the corridor there and you will come face to face with the Zealot. Use grenades, far shots and whatever other tricks you have to take him down and be sure to grab his plasma sword once he’s bitten the dust. Head into the room on the far end and take out another Elite that is messing around in there. Once the area is clear, you'll need to switch a junction box and the head back to the team.

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