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Halo 2 review

You say Halo, we say goodbye


  • Moments of inspired brilliance
  • Entertaining
  • Finally getting to play Halo 2


  • Sloppy port of last-gen game
  • Boring firefights
  • Uninspired sequel

We got a raw deal from Halo. Where there should have been wonder there has been disappointment. Where there should have been one of the greatest PC games of all time, there has been a moderately entertaining shooter.

You might recall that there was a time before the Xbox, a time when Halo seemed like the savior of FPS gaming on the PC: beautiful, vehicular space-war with burning energy weapons, roaring vehicles, proudly chromed aliens, all wrapped up within a mysterious ring-world sci-fi mythology. We were so excited, so sure that this would lead us into perfected escapism.

More Info

DescriptionThe sequel to Xbox's biggest game is a multiplayer masterpiece, even if single-player suffers a bit.
PlatformXbox, PC
US censor ratingMature
Alternative namesHalo II
Release date9 November 2004 (US), 11 November 2004 (UK)