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Halo 2 review

You say Halo, we say goodbye

Think we’re done with bitching? We’ve got more: there’s the overall level design and visual drabness. This is an old first-generation Xbox game. It looked unexceptional back then, but these days no amount of upped resolutions and anti-aliasing is going to save it from a case of the grey-walled uglies. Crap textures, made worse by lack of artistry and lack of computational palette, make Halo 2hypnotically uninteresting.

The original Halo at least had some challenging level design (the Silent Cartographer, anyone?) that had been given life by intriguing alien architecture.

More Info

DescriptionThe sequel to Xbox's biggest game is a multiplayer masterpiece, even if single-player suffers a bit.
PlatformXbox, PC
US censor ratingMature
Alternative namesHalo II
Release date9 November 2004 (US), 11 November 2004 (UK)