GTA IV: Complete Pigeon Guide

Find and obliterate every winged rat with our maps and videos

If you want the bragging rights that go with achieving 100% Grand Theft Auto IV completion you'll need to find and kill 200 pigeons hidden around Liberty City. And it's a tough job. We know it's a tough job because we've found every single one of the little feathered buggers while putting together this absolutely kick ass and utterly essential pigeon guide.

Thanks to us, finding all the flying rats couldn't be easier. We show you the locations of all the hidden birds in the game. We've marked the locations of the pigeons on the map below -simply click on it to make it nice and bigand use it alongside the following screenshots and descriptions. And, finally, we've also got movies showing each pigeon getting blasted.

Click the map below to supersize...

Enjoy the vermin extermination!

Broker and Dukes

Watch the movie below to see flying rats 001-048 get blasted.

001 - On the beach, below the pier

002 - Sitting near the roof of one of the Liberty Eye's lowest carriages

003 - At the top of the old Screamer rollercoaster

004 - Sitting on the low porch wall at the back of the house

005 - Perched on the low fence surrounding the apartment block

006 - Sitting between the lanes on the expressway

007 - Below the expressway, sitting near the broken section of wall

008 - Find the courtyard garden between the apartment buildings and look for the pigeon sitting on a ledge in an alcove

009 - Perched on the 'Fantastic Firefly Island' sign

010 - Sitting on one of the posts on the small jetty

011 - On top of the Broker Navy Yard entrance sign

012 - Second floor up, sitting on an air conditioning unit at the back of the Woodfellas building

013 - On the roof behind the 'Perestroika' sign

014 - Sitting on the rail of the bandstand

015 - In the courtyard area, look for the garage with the green door and pitched roof. The pigeon is on the adjacent flat roof

016 - Near the steps behind the Jerk 'N' Gizzada restaurant

017 - On top of the bus shelter outside the Elite Electronics shop

018 - Next to the expressway, by the pile of sand

019 - On the fire escape rail of the apartment building opposite the elevated subway track

020 - On the front steps of one of the apartment blocks on Cassidy St

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