GTA IV: Complete Pigeon Guide

Find and obliterate every winged rat with our maps and videos

Alderney cont...

161 - Close to the 'e Cola' building, near the rail tracks

162 - On the ground near the barbed wire wall

163 - Perched on the barbed wire wall, above pigeon 162

164 - On the bridge railing

165 - Opposite the entrance to 'Dude Chemicals', on the grass

166 - On the 'Honkers' entrance awning

167 - In the park, on the grass, near the old fountain

168 - Under the freeway, at the base of one of the big concrete support pillars

169 - On the rocks, by the water's edge

170 - Near the freeway exit ramp, sitting on a stack of storage containers

171 - On the edge of the low rooftop of the apartment building with the arched doorway

172 - On the warehouse building's low level sloped roof, near the speaker pole

173 - Outside the basement window of one of the apartments buildings

174 - Opposite the Sprunk billboard, on top of the maintenance box

175 - Right on the corner, at the top of the slope

176 - In some bushes, below the Cluckin' Bell billboard

177 - Near the 'Port Tudor' sign, on the wall behind the propeller sculpture

178 - On the wall above the Booth Tunnel

179 - Under the stairs, beside the boardwalk and near the life ring

180 - Under the wooden ramp, by the water's edge

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