Grand Theft Auto 4 complete Pigeon location guide

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Algonquin (continued)

121 - On the bus shelter opposite the gas station

122 - On the roof opposite the gas station. Go up one flight of the car park stairs and jump from there

123 - On the wall at the very top of the building. The entrance is on the east side

124 - On the corner of the Viendemonte's glass section

125 - Under the first archway under the freeway, behind the wooden fence

126 - In the grassy area just off the street, hidden by a wooden fence

127 - On the gravestone around the back of the church

128 - On the corner of the fence at the upper level of the alley

129 - On the low ledge at City Hall, opposite the tables and chairs

130 - Through the fence on the top lip of the bowl in the skate park

131 - Broker Bridge, on top of west support pillar

132 - On a bollard in the alley next to the bank

133 - On the sea wall opposite the helicopter tours at Fishmarket south

134 - On top of a grid in the narrow park

135 - In the plants next to the connected skyscrapers

136 - On the rail attached to the boat ramp opposite Happiness Island

137 - In the bottom middle window inbetween the two large square buildings. Use the sniper rifle from the top of a tall boat to get the angle

138 - On top of the tall stack of shipping containers

139 - Top level platform underneath the Statue Of Happiness, north side

140 - The Statue Of Happiness' forehead. Biggest headshot in the game

141 - The Statue Of Happiness' left hand

142 - The Statue Of Happiness' right hand

143 - The Statue Of Happiness' chest

144 - On the rim of the Statue Of Happiness' coffee cup

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