GTA IV: Complete Pigeon Guide

Find and obliterate every winged rat with our maps and videos

Algonquin cont...

101 - Next to a tree in the tiled seating area

102 - On the wall in the alley

103 - In a tree outside the Seagull Theater

104 - On the cross on the top of the south-east church steeple

105 - On the monument outside the Civilistion committee building. Snipe from outside or be instantly mobbed by cops

106 - At the end of the disused railways track. Go up the steps in the alley near the Excelsior razor sign a couple of blocks down and run along

107 - On the ledge just down from the roof of the MeTV building. Use a helicopter to get to the top and the use the ladder to climb down to the pigeon

108 - Underneath the giant turntable on the wall

109 - In the tree next to Rimmers

110 - On the rails at the cable car station

111 - In the gap between the road and the wall under the bridge

112 - On corner of cable car station

113 - On top of building inbetween the two chimneys. Use fire escape

114 - On large steps next to river, close to the bridge

115 - In the park on the roundabout

116 - In the top-left window over the east side of the abandoned building

117 - On Algonquin Bridge, east of Colony Island

118 - On top of the garbage Under the freeway

119 - Behind the statue

120 - Inside the shark's mouth

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